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New Here!

Hello! I just found this community and thought maybe some of you fellow candle lovers would be interested in my website!

I sell Mia Bella Gourmet Candles. They are low-soot, mostly soy candles. The jars are double-wicked and they burn down super evenly and almost to the very very bottom AND leave the jar free of all that wax stuck inside so that they are easy to empty out and use for something else! There are about 100 different scents to choose from and you can burn them from a looooong time before they're gone! I've been burning the Lemon Pound Cake one in my apartment every night for over a week and there's still some left! I also sell other products like bath bars, votive candles, car air fresheners, simmer pots and melts, and more!

If anyone is interested, you can browse and place orders at my site: Scent From Heaven.

You can also register to win a FREE candle!!!

And I look forward to being on this community and learning about other kinds of candles that you all are enjoying!

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