~Danelle~ (barenaked_elle) wrote in candlewhores,

A Plea for help

A note to all my candle addicted friends...

I was walking out of a store last Friday, the heel of my shoe got stuck and down I went. When I finally hit the ground I un-wedged my foot from the crack it was stuck in - can you say "ow"?! After a series of x-rays they discovered my ankle was severely broke as well as my femur. So surgery on Sunday, one screw and an awfully big cast later... I'm hobbling about. Unfortunately, I can't do the stairs so I can't leave the house without a chaperone!!

As a result of this, I have absolutely NO income right now. My pay at my other job is much less than my PartyLite pay was but, I cannot collect disability on that money. Soooo..... Can anyone do a PartyLite book show for me? This is the only thing I can do to bring in some money right now. Basically, I'll send you a book and some order forms... take it to work, school, wherever and collect some orders. You can spend 25% of your total sales on product for yourself and I will be FOREVER grateful to you. OR if that's too complicated... I have something called PartyLite squares. Basically they are $2.00 each, 50 on a page and the winner gets a $100 gift certificate. That I can email to you and you can print out.

Thanks in advance guys. I really do appreciate it.
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